Dream Balloons


I was talking with my friend Mathou the other day and we suddenly started wondering about our identities. It is strange how the deepest, strangest conversations sometimes begin in the most incongruous of places, like the car that your friend has just parked to drop you off and that you end up leaving only an hour and half later…

Our identities… “What makes us who we are?” she asked me. I closed my eyes and saw only one thing: a small child running by the ocean shore holding a kite tightly in its hand and another one dancing in the sky among the clouds with its tiny fist closed on a bouquet of air balloons. I turned to my friend and said: “dreams.” Doesn’t our ability to hold on to our dreams and cherish them define us? When we are but children, our dreams are everything to us – and everything seems possible. They are the beautiful kites or balloons whose strings we wrap around our fingers to make sure they cannot be blown away by the wind. As we grow older, though, it seems the wind blows ever more strongly, making it harder and harder to hold on to the balloon string… And we get hurt; we fail; we lose… Imperceptibly, our grasp loosens – and some of us let go of the string… The dream balloon rises up to the sky and vanishes into the clouds… forever, out of sight… And we forget. Yet, some of us never let go. No matter how difficult, no matter how painful, we keep holding on to the dream balloon, even though the wind has become a storm that forces us to clench our fists until they hurt or to sew the strings to our skin so that they pull and make us bleed with every fierce gust of wind, we struggle on, because there always comes a time when tempest turns sunny day and the sky clears. The dream balloon is no longer hidden behind heavy clouds; it no longer hurts. It brings only the joy of beholding a long loved dream you can pursue at last.

“Hold fast to dreams,
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird,
That cannot fly.”
― Langston Hughes

I hope anyone who reads this will take some time to go and take a look at Yuuta-Apple‘s deviantArt page, as she painted the wonderful painting that illustrates this post. She is an amazing artist! Give her love and support! ♥


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