The Thief of Joy

Comparison is the thief of joy
A ghost she hides her deadly ploy
Whispers in your ear while you sleep
Enchants you with memories deep

Do not look behind sweet child
Remember your essence, wild
Luminescent and free
Do not compare, simply be.


Since this blog is called The Colour of Poetry, I suppose it was about time I posted a little verse.

     I wrote this poem for someone I love deeply but hurts herself by comparing, always comparing, herself and her past experiences with others. I hoped this would help her… It was not until I met her that I realised how hurtful comparison could be. Reminiscing about former loves, fond memories of a lost one, reading the work of another student, listening to someone play the guitar and sing: everything that could be a source of comfort or evolution becomes so uneasy that it paralyses you. Every remark made to help you improve insidiously turns into another stake planted around you until you realise you are surrounded by a gate-less towering fence. Yet, these pales you cannot seem to climb are unreal – they are but a creation of your mind – the materialisation of your insecurities. Comparison can only be healthy when it acts as an incentive for personal improvement and inspires your curiosity; when it spurs your creativity and your will to do better, not for the love of competition, but for your own sake.  Accepting yourself, what you have and what you lost, your knowledge and your abilities but also your flaws and shortcomings, is an act of self-love without which you cannot fully flourish. Of course, this task is a hard one; it is not, however, hopeless because if you open up your mind and soften your heart, then, you can find your soul.

“I cannot say this too strongly: Do not compare yourselves to others. Be true to who you are, and continue to learn with all your might.”
― Daisaku Ikeda, Discussions on Youth


2 thoughts on “The Thief of Joy

  1. Absolutely beautiful. I often feel insecure and compare myself to others and then feel that I cannot truly accomplish anything when there are so many more talented people out there. This really hit home.

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