Inktober 2016

      A few weeks ago I decided to participate in the Inktober drawing challenge. The idea behind this is to make an ink drawing every single day in October. The rules are simple. The execution, not so much. I made the first drawing today, and when I finished it, I realized that sticking to it would prove hard – because it can be time consuming, because it is going to test my drawing abilities, because it will make me question myself a lot.

Inktober Day 1.jpg

        As I sat to draw this afternoon, however, I understood one thing about the way I create my drawings: I just do not trust myself enough. I draw and then erase everything, and then  start over…

     The one thing I have noticed about my favourite artists is that they have very distinctive, personal styles. That’s what I love about them – they’re all really different, but they are all equally great. Seeing a painting or drawing they made on the Internet, I can recognize them immediately. I think that’s what I want my participation to Inktober to help me do: I would like it to be a chance to improve, to discover my real style and to become more confident. Off I go practice and study the First World War poets!


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