This is about Fear…

This blog is not about politics – and I don’t want to turn it into a political blog because this is not why I started writing it. Some issues, however, need to be addressed, if only briefly. After Trump was elected, I thought to myself: “I knew it was bound to happen.” And there was nothing I could have personally done to avoid it. I wanted to trust that the American people would do the right thing. They didn’t. Now, the French are proving to be close to doing the exact same mistake. Or is it really a mistake?

Let me get this straight. I am not okay with what is happening – still it was far too easy for the media to make it seem impossible for the far right (or for Trump for that matter) to be elected or to even come close to being elected. People are avid for safety. They’ve been disappointed. They’re looking for a solution that will let them express their frustration, their resentment, their anger and above all… their fear. This is all about fear. About the fear and exasperation and lack of understanding and feeling of invisibility/insecurity of a people that’s never quite heard. It’s about the fear of extremism and war and difference. Because there’s a war going on. Of course there’s a war going on and people are all the more scared that this war seems invisible and is unpredictable. It strikes punctually, takes on the form of terrorist attacks and the troops that have been sent (for reasons that are not questionable in themselves) are so far away that they, too, have become almost like virtual realities, except for their anxious friends and families. There’s a war going on and yet no trace of it. There’s debt and mass consumption. This world is moving so fast and in such a paradoxical way that it is virtually impossible to get half a grasp of the situation.

And then, there come people who “speak” to the people and make them feel as though they had been heard. People who make them believe they will protect them, give them a voice and help the country. But in all honesty, it is hard to blame them for believing, because who doesn’t want to feel as though they mattered? To feel as though the situation was going to change for the better? The world has been there before, hasn’t it? The world has been tricked before, hasn’t it? The world has been afraid and avid for safety before, hasn’t it?

It has. And now, as much as I want to rise and shout and make a revolution, I am also humbled. I am humbled because I am reminded once again of the conscious and unconscious suffering of the world. So I will end this post quoting John Keats and try, as always, to work, as well as I humanly can, to make this world a better place.

 “Do you not see how necessary a World of Pains and troubles is to school an Intelligence and make it a soul?”
John Keats, Letter to George and Georgiana Keats.

Healing Yourself – The Value of Playing

We go about our daily lives – working, speaking, sleeping, eating, thinking, working some more. And when we do not work, how we worry about tomorrow’s tasks ahead! What about that deadline getting closer? Or that meeting we yet have to prepare for? Work, taxes, money issues, the trifles of the day, the burdens of the night, and the old memories of wounds we believed had closed that keep coming back to us in dreams, and the one negative thought that triggers a train of associations sending some of us spiraling down, down, and further down… That is when you are looking  at your own personal life only, the life we get caught up with, sometimes forgetting to look outside ourselves and beyond.

My girlfriend, my wonderful, complex, curious, clever, beautiful and funny, but terribly anxious girlfriend, knows all too well what it feels like to be overwhelmed by her own thoughts, and to become trapped inside her mind. The best I can do to soothe her is give and show her love – and I have plenty to give her. But there’s something else that we love to do to heal our nerve-wracked minds – we simply just play!

Friendly January.jpg

We are adults – young adults for sure, but still, we are supposed to be grown-ups. We have teaching jobs that place us in a position of responsibility towards teenagers and still we find ourselves playing like little children all the time. When we went to Auvergne together, we tried going to the top of a mountain, but had to stop halfway up the road because the wind was too strong and we couldn’t see anything for all the snow that was flying and dancing in the sky. So we made our way to the foot of the mountain again, but made a pause on the way to do a snowball battle and to run in the fields. We did it again the next day, and we had fun in the swimming-pool at our hotel. There was an older couple there who looked at us tenderly, probably thinking we were quite a bit younger than we actually are.

But the games that we play – the real, innocent, funny games that we play together – make us laugh; they keep us smiling and feeling alive and happy. Adults tend to stop playing – or perhaps they start to believe that it is no longer for them; maybe some of them even forget how it feels to have childish fun – but there is no better cure for dispassion and sorrow than a good laugh. Playing triggers the imagination and lets your soul rise and shine.

Playing is living differently for a few moments, with different rules.

Playing is reuniting with your inner child. The one who is still there, holding on to your dreams, believing, always, that you can make it.

Playing is healing your soul and and soothing your heart. 

So go out and play… Go out and heal yourselves!


Sacha 🌟💙

Thoughts about teaching :)

It’s been a long time that I haven’t written. I was too busy working and worrying about how my students are progressing or not. I also had some time to think about my own way of teaching and TEACHING in general. I came to the conclusion that was is important in teaching is WHAT YOU […]


To anyone interested in teaching, I strongly suggest you read this beautiful manifest of love from a teacher (who I love dearly) to her students and herself!