Rope of weeds.jpg

My every word feels like a pin
Stuck in and out of your skin

I know I have to be
I do not want to be
Hurtful –

But how can I prevent the hurt
If you turn all my love to dirt?

I always have to be
Tactful –
I’m just tired to be
Thoughtful –

When you fumble through my heart
Try and tear it down, and apart

How can I ever show
I am caring?
How can I still be sure
I am feeling?

If you destroy the foundations I laid
And the wreaths that I have made

To lace your life to mine, and to heal
All of the wounds that you conceal.

I really tried to be
Careful –
But it has come to be
Painful –

To resist the waves of your silence
To fight your storms of defiance

I am starting to feel
Hopeless –
But I guess you could not
Care less.


My Adventures in Inktober?

The Inktober Adventure Goes On!

     We are now five or six days into Inktober, and I can already say that it is quite the adventure, in a really good way. First, I have stuck to drawing and inking one piece a day so far, which is quite the exploit for me, as I tend to always put off drawing to later, fearing I will not have enough time to work. But the truth is, now that I am actually making time for drawing in my day to day life, I am coming to realize that there is, in fact, enough time in a day to study quite a lot and still practice art!

         And practicing I have been!


Inktober, Day 2/ Am I really a Grad Student? 

   Inktober Day 2 has had me poke a little fun at myself and ask myself a number of questions about life in general. There is a flagrant discrepancy between the way I look and the things I do for a living… studying to get a PhD for example. But I was recently asked if I was still in high school and people usually assume I am in my first or second year of college, perhaps third, at the latest. I am totally fine with it. Actually, I think there is something cool and funny about it and it means that I can still dress whichever way I like without looking ridiculous! Still, it made me wonder, as I looked at myself in the mirror, bow in my hair, little white, collared shirt and skater skirt on: “Are you really a grad student?”

      I feel like a child or a teenager inside!! But then… I also feel very old sometimes. My friend calls me “granny” because I have early meals and I like to stay home a lot. But when would I : a. Read?, b. Draw/Paint?, c. Write? if I didn’t? And so, as part of the Inktober adventure, I have decided to pay to tribute to some of my favourite games, mangas and animes.

Inktober Day 3.jpg

Inktober Day 3 / Suigintou, from Rozen Maiden

       Day 3 was Suigintou from Rozen Maiden. She is not my favourite doll of all, but she is a really interesting character, one that does not open up easily to others and acts harsh and feisty but is actually caring. You know, sad girl with a bad girl complex… Much could be said about it. It could be a full post I am sure.

Inctober Day 4.jpg

Inktober Day 4 / Wicked Lady, from Sailor Moon

      Inktober Day 4 brought me back to the land of Sailor Moon and to drawing the evil version of my beloved Chibiusa, who I mentioned in another post.  Another very interesting, broken character…


Inktober Day 5.jpg

Inktober Day 5 / Sora and Heartless, from Kingdom Hearts

Finally, Inktober Day 5 made me travel to Kingdom Hearts. This piece was an interesting one of create because I do not often draw several characters in the same picture. A heartless is a sad little creature you become when you lose / break your heart. It can be aggressive, much like a rabid animal, because it is actually looking for a heart. Another intriguing concept…

So here is where Inktober has taken me so far! Please let me know if you would like to see all the ink drawings I am making for Inktober or if you’d rather see one, once in a while and prefer to get more “intellectual” posts. I would love to hear your thoughts!