My Adventures in Inktober?

The Inktober Adventure Goes On!

     We are now five or six days into Inktober, and I can already say that it is quite the adventure, in a really good way. First, I have stuck to drawing and inking one piece a day so far, which is quite the exploit for me, as I tend to always put off drawing to later, fearing I will not have enough time to work. But the truth is, now that I am actually making time for drawing in my day to day life, I am coming to realize that there is, in fact, enough time in a day to study quite a lot and still practice art!

         And practicing I have been!


Inktober, Day 2/ Am I really a Grad Student? 

   Inktober Day 2 has had me poke a little fun at myself and ask myself a number of questions about life in general. There is a flagrant discrepancy between the way I look and the things I do for a living… studying to get a PhD for example. But I was recently asked if I was still in high school and people usually assume I am in my first or second year of college, perhaps third, at the latest. I am totally fine with it. Actually, I think there is something cool and funny about it and it means that I can still dress whichever way I like without looking ridiculous! Still, it made me wonder, as I looked at myself in the mirror, bow in my hair, little white, collared shirt and skater skirt on: “Are you really a grad student?”

      I feel like a child or a teenager inside!! But then… I also feel very old sometimes. My friend calls me “granny” because I have early meals and I like to stay home a lot. But when would I : a. Read?, b. Draw/Paint?, c. Write? if I didn’t? And so, as part of the Inktober adventure, I have decided to pay to tribute to some of my favourite games, mangas and animes.

Inktober Day 3.jpg

Inktober Day 3 / Suigintou, from Rozen Maiden

       Day 3 was Suigintou from Rozen Maiden. She is not my favourite doll of all, but she is a really interesting character, one that does not open up easily to others and acts harsh and feisty but is actually caring. You know, sad girl with a bad girl complex… Much could be said about it. It could be a full post I am sure.

Inctober Day 4.jpg

Inktober Day 4 / Wicked Lady, from Sailor Moon

      Inktober Day 4 brought me back to the land of Sailor Moon and to drawing the evil version of my beloved Chibiusa, who I mentioned in another post.  Another very interesting, broken character…


Inktober Day 5.jpg

Inktober Day 5 / Sora and Heartless, from Kingdom Hearts

Finally, Inktober Day 5 made me travel to Kingdom Hearts. This piece was an interesting one of create because I do not often draw several characters in the same picture. A heartless is a sad little creature you become when you lose / break your heart. It can be aggressive, much like a rabid animal, because it is actually looking for a heart. Another intriguing concept…

So here is where Inktober has taken me so far! Please let me know if you would like to see all the ink drawings I am making for Inktober or if you’d rather see one, once in a while and prefer to get more “intellectual” posts. I would love to hear your thoughts!



Inktober 2016

      A few weeks ago I decided to participate in the Inktober drawing challenge. The idea behind this is to make an ink drawing every single day in October. The rules are simple. The execution, not so much. I made the first drawing today, and when I finished it, I realized that sticking to it would prove hard – because it can be time consuming, because it is going to test my drawing abilities, because it will make me question myself a lot.

Inktober Day 1.jpg

        As I sat to draw this afternoon, however, I understood one thing about the way I create my drawings: I just do not trust myself enough. I draw and then erase everything, and then  start over…

     The one thing I have noticed about my favourite artists is that they have very distinctive, personal styles. That’s what I love about them – they’re all really different, but they are all equally great. Seeing a painting or drawing they made on the Internet, I can recognize them immediately. I think that’s what I want my participation to Inktober to help me do: I would like it to be a chance to improve, to discover my real style and to become more confident. Off I go practice and study the First World War poets!