A Whole New World

Colours of the Wind

I never thought I would start a blog – it’s a whole new world for me; I’m not sure exactly how anything works and why I am doing it, but my best friend told me to give it a try and see as a moment dedicated to myself and to sharing. I like seeing this as a way of sharing, hopefully something good and creative with someone.

The world of blogging always seemed so far and distant to me that I could never quite picture myself sitting behind the screen, but there I am after all, looking forward to the future, feeling the breeze of hope flowing through my hair in the middle of winter and the colours of the wind bringing light even to the greyest of days, just like the characters in the painting.

It has just started snowing… Snow is always a good sign, isn’t it?

I think I’ll end posts on quotations, which I hope can inspire someone ♥

Art is an infinitely precious good, a draught both refreshing and cheering which restores the stomach and the mind to the natural equilibrium of the ideal.

CHARLES BAUDELAIRE, preface, Salon of 1846

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